Govt H/S Jhajh Regulator - Message

Abdul Qadir

School Manager - Govt H/S Jhajh Regulator


Principal Message

p>It gives me immense pleasure and delight to warm welcome you into the portals of this great institution dedicated to the cause of top-quality education with the motto of " One Team, One Priority, Student Success!".

We have an excellent panel of professional educators, teacher assistants, paramedical as well as administrative staff. These staff, with their strong sense of responsibility, is there to ensure a persisting and appropriate progress of students’ academic, emotional, physical and vocational skills, including activities for daily living.

Our Staff takes great pride in providing a safe and secure learning environment while at the same time leading our students towards overall growth and development in an environment which is conductive of learning and enhance therapeutic progress.

Our core curriculum, extracurricular activities as well as our improvement programs provides an opportunity for each of our students to reach their maximum potential and beyond.

We are looking forward to work collaboratively with the Board of the school, parents and the wider community for the attainment of our goal of providing contemporary education to our students for making them a better citizen of tomorrow, in whatever possible way.