Institute - Community College N.Feroz


Sukkur IBA translated its dream into action quality education for all and established IBA Community College Naushahro Feroze in 2011.It desired to eliminate poverty, illiteracy, social discrimination and the sense of deprivation among the people of poverty ridden rural areas of Sind province. IBA Community College N.Feroze was established under the umbrella of Community Development Program of Government of Sind with a joint venture of STEVTA, District Government N.Feroze and Sukkur, IBA to produce skilled youth and higher education & Training to reduce poverty, illiteracy and unemployment from N.Feroze and its surrounding rural areas. The Management of IBA initiated the process for grant of affiliation of this institute with Aga Khan University Examination Board for Middle, Secondary & Higher Secondary Classes which was successfully granted during the years 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between urban and rural communities by ensuring accessible and affordable high quality (Primary and Secondary)education and Vocational/technical training programs using modern teaching-learning methods for students of rural communities.

Our Mission

IBA Community Colleges are to be leading institutes in academic and vocational /technical programs, characterized by continuous improvement, innovation, and community responsiveness. We visualize a future where quality education is accessible and affordable for all.

Our Values

  • Community: Our community includes students, faculty, staff, parents, and community leaders; and is built upon collaborative learning, mutual respect, smooth communication, and civic responsibility.
  • Excellence: IBA Community Colleges believe in and strive for excellence in all the spheres of academic and professional life through a system of continuous improvement based on assessment, accountability and engagement with local communities.
  • Diversity: IBA Community Colleges appreciate diversity among individuals and cultures and consider it as strength that blends us in a versatile society.
  • Innovation: Acknowledging the importance of rapidly changing world, IBA Community Colleges foster innovation in all areas to meet the demands of future.
  • Integrity: IBA Community Colleges adhere to highest ethical standards in all professional dealings and promote fairness and transparency among its entire faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders.