Community College Dadu - Message

Abdul Ghafoor

Principal - Community College Dadu


Principal Message

The establishment of Community College at Dadu conceived by Honorable Director Sukkur IBA Mr. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqi is an unusual hallmark in the field of education, with a clear mission to provide extremely world class education to aspiring students of the remotest area of Dadu and its surroundings. It is a unique step to promote children’s education by inculcating among them an ultimate approach which is, in a way, different than other traditional institutes. It fulfills the unmet need for a quality education of students and parents which they have ever dreamt of, by providing effective teaching; monitoring and evaluation methodologies based ICT integrated system. It offers a platform equally balanced to every individual of the community to take full advantage of nourishing potential by acquiring a quality and practical based education which will further help the students in becoming useful citizen in the shape of scholars, intellectuals , doctors, engineers, scientist ,business men and so on.

The desired purpose is being achieved by unfailing spirit of hard work of dedicated team of teachers and unflinching supervision of Sukkur IBA in all areas in implementing the new methods such as Khan Academy and different online teaching and learning courses in conformity of the requirement of the syllabus which apparently widen critical and analytical approach of both the teachers and learners.