Directorate of IBA Community Colleges & Schools - Event

Teachers Workshop

  • 2018-07-14
  • China

The team nominated by the Directorate of IBA Community Colleges and Schools, Sukkur IBA University participated Belt and Road Science summer camp and Workshop was held at China Chongqing from 14th August 2018 to 21st August 2018 with a purpose to promote STEM practices and imparting technology in all fields of life and to enhance relationships with other countries and work through active and continuous collaboration.

The Main focus of this summer camp was to develop curiosity among the participants for the better use of technology in every aspect of life. Teachers and students were involved in science educational activities and seminars, where different speakers from different countries shared their practices for the endorsement of STEM in overall world as per demand of 21st century. During the summer camp different colors of Chinese culture were also shared, such as Tea Art, Chinese Opera standards, Chinese food street history, Old guild house that showed multiple values of Chinese customs and infrastructure along with this entire 3 Gorge museum showed how China had involved in all the past centuries.

The Scholars from different countries focused on the points that STEM education should be considered as intense necessitate for our educational system and should be promoted in all possible ways because it’s not only today’s student’s need but also a basis for the prosperity and sustainable development of Pakistan in future. They added all this could be done only if the teachers are gone through proper trainings and attend educational events as organized by CASTIC.This kind of event worked on community development and helped the students and teachers to internationalize for sharing resources and opinions for enhancing better teaching and learning strategies. Belt and Road Science Summer Teenager Maker Camp and workshop for teachers and students focused on hands on teaching practices of core subjects of sciences too.

The president of ECO Science Foundation and officials from Chines Government appreciated the exuberant and enthusiastic participation of team from Sukkur IBA University/IBA Community Colleges/Schools, which is a feather in the camp of Sukkur IBA University and Directorate of IBA Community Colleges/Schools and a small step towards the achievement of mission of Prof.Nisar Ahemd Siddique, the Vice Chancellor Sukkur IBA University.