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World Space Week

  • 2018-09-23

Sukkur IBA has always been in search of such initiatives and creative tasks that generate high order thinking and produce exuberant youth, who can unlock the boundaries of sleepless Scientific Society through continuous inquiries, research and exploration of new ideas/paradigms.

In the same context, Sukkur IBA arranged “WORLD SPACE WEEK” from 17th of October to 23rd of October 2016, with the coordination of team from SUPARCO in Sukkur IBA, Community College Khairpur and Ubauro, along with IBA Public School Sukkur. The event/activity was divided into two parts i.e. Day time activity and Night time activity. During the day time, students of different levels were allowed to watch interesting and research based videos inside a“Bus” to generate interest and curiosity of students towards scientific world. Moreover, Team from SUPARCO also presented Power Point Presentations in the auditorium of IBA Sukkur and IBA Public School Sukkur for facilitating maximum number of students at one place. Team from SUPARCO focused on providing students the knowledge and understanding regarding“Solar System”, issues related to Solar System and current research being carried out about “Solar System”.

The second part of activity was related to “Star Gazing” during Night time. Students were allowed to have hands on experience with Telescope. Students of Sukkur IBA, Community College Khairpur and IBA Public School enjoyed the practical experience of watching directly the near stars and planets (Venus, Saturn).They also experienced apleasing live view and snapshots of Moon.

On the whole, ” WORLD SPACE WEEK” activity served a purpose of providing students with updated, research based ,interesting, practical information and understanding regarding “Solar System”. All students and teachers strongly appreciated the activity and showed a great wish and demand for arranging the same kind of event/activity in the near future.