When Michael Angelou was asked how he would make a sculpture out of a stone, he replied that he would just remove extra and unwanted pebbles and a beautiful sculpture would appear. In the same way, education removes unwanted pebbles from a student's personality and grooms and trains him for life. To impart quality education is the hallmark of a reputable institution. Public School Larkano is one of such institutes, which leaves no stone unturned to provide quality education to the students. This prestigious school is now being managed by the most celebrated, reputable and renowned IBA (Sukkur) which has established its name and fame under the outstanding, charismatic and visionary leadership of Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui. Public School Larkano managed by IBA (Sukkur) offers secure, conducive and learning-friendly environment to students. It does not only guarantee the academic excellence to students but also hones their skills to meet life's challenges. Under the sage leadership, our talented, qualified and competent teaching faculty with up-to-date infrastructure renders matchless services in the field of education.

Prof. Dr. Ali Murtaza Dharejo
Public School Larkana