IBA Community College N.Feroze

Academic Conduct:

  • Plagiarism/ cheating at the Institute. Academic honesty is mandatory. There should be absolutely no plagiarism/cheating in any examination, quiz, assignment, report, and/or presentation by any student. Each case will be decided on its own merit in accordance with notified policies.

  • Use of cell phones for any purpose e.g playing game and /or exchanging message during classes/ within the premises of the college.

  • Spreading litter around the premises: Cleanliness of the classes and the college premises is the responsibility of those who use them. Please use the dustbin.

  • Impersonation, giving false information, willful suppression of information, cheating, deceiving, plagiarizing.
  • Possession, carrying or use of any type of weapons/ fire arms or explosive material in the premises of the campus.
  • Damaging campus property, including its building equipment, vehicles etc.
  • Using campus property, including its buildings, equipment, vehicles, etc without lawful authority.
  • Encouraging, assisting or aiding another person to commit misconduct.
  • Using of student organizations for furthering the cause of a political party.
  • Allowing or abetting entry of expelled/rusticated student or anti-social elements to the campus.
  •  Obstructing the smooth functioning of the campus or causing disruption of curricular/co-curricular /extra-curricular activities.

  • C grade for 50% or above

  • If a student fails to secure 50%, he is declared FAIL.


We promote our students in the next level on the basis of their performance in an annual examination. The passing ratio is 50%.


If any student fails to achieve 50%, he is detained. Again if he fails to secure the same percentage in the detained class, he is dropped.


  • We promote students on the standard of Merit , Quality and Excellence.
  • We conduct supplementary examination for failure students.


  • Students with 80% of attendance are allowed to appear in the annual examination.
  • Electronic devices are prohibited to bring in the examination Hall.
  • Seats are allocated with specific distance to discourage the cheating.

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