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Examination Process, Policies & Requirements

  • IBA Community College Daduis affiliated with the Aga Khan University-Examination Board (AKU-EB) for the Public examination of SSC and HSSC classes. Therefore, for the assessment policy of SSC & HSSC visit the website of AKU-EB http://examinationboard.aku.edu

  • However, the formative assessment of the students of these classes continues throughout the year on monthly and terminal basis.

  • Students from grade I to VIII are assessed locally at IBA Community College Dadu and the minimum marks required for promotion in the next class are 40% each of the subject.

  • A student who fails to get the minimum 40% of marks in either of the core subjects, English, Mathematics & Science s/he will not be promoted in the next grade and has to repeat the class.

  • If the child is willing to appear in supplement papers in the subjects which he/she has failed and passes the same s/he will be promoted in the next grade.

  • The 50% of the marks are allocated to the students’ achievements in first term and 50 % to the second term. Furthermore, for classes VI to VIII 20 % of the marks are allocated to their achievements in the project work done in project portfolio.

Following are detailed allocation of marks.

Grading System

Currently we have no grading System below 40 Marks out of 100, Candidate should be considered to be fail, and above 40 Marks Positions are awarded according to higher Percentages accordingly.

Promotion System

Students are promoted to next Class, when they appear in Annul Examination and Pass the examination of their class in which they have studied. In case of failure of students, they are given a chance to improve themselves by allowing them in re-sit examination, and when they qualify in re-sit examination promoted to next class.

Dropping System

Students are dropped from their classes, due to continuously absence from their classes and failure in Annual and Re-sit Examinations.

Monthly Test / Quarterly Test.

To judge the students on usual basis, bimonthly tests and half yearly examinations are held and the results are Circulated among the parents so that appropriate achievement can be shared with them wherever it is required. The students are encouraged to participate in project based learning so that they have hands-on experiences of concepts and can develop as critical approach, problem solvers and make sense of learning and connect it with real life. In this session, the students are significantly involved in learning through academic websites like Khan Academy, and Sciencebuddies.com. The annual examinations are conducted by college at local level.

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