Campus Facilities


Library is the most important facility at any educational institution. The library functions as an educational resource for the readers. The library at IBA Community College Naushahro Feroze is well stocked and offers a range of subjects related to a verity of fields to match the requirements of readers of different tests. Geography and math’s, science and technology, religion, dictionaries, encyclopedias, audio visual Aids, engineering, languages and literature, reference books and journals are some of the added features for keen readers. It is centrally located, well furnished centrally air-conditioned, and offers a peaceful environment.


Centrally air conditioned Computer Laboratory of IBA Community College Naushahro Feroze is an stat of art laboratory throughout District Naushahro Feroze.This Well resourced lab consist of 36 Computers with latest configuration Core i 5 3.1GHZ Processors with 4 MB RAM and 500 GB Hard Drive with printing facility. Computer lab is equipped with latest electronics gadgets, Multimedia projector and Wi-Fi supported High speed Internet wireless connectivity with power backup UPS APC RT 6000. Computers are installed with Windows 7 along with various software applications supporting practical work. Students and faculty members use computer lab from morning to 5 P.M to cater the needs for advanced learning in highly conducive teaching and learning environment. Highly qualified and experienced IT Staff contributes immensely for the management of IT Lab and offer generous support to students for troubleshooting and configuration of systems.


The primary purpose of the labs is to offer hands-on experience to students for training and research by providing scope for practical demonstrations and exercises for courses offered in Engineering. Work related to electronics and electrical courses are performed in these labs. It is equipped with modern digital storage oscilloscopes, analog and digital trainer boards, signal generators, DC power supplies and all types of IC chips, transistors and other semiconductor devices. This laboratory also has inductor, capacitor, and resistor banks, single and three phase variable AC power sources, DC power supplies, oscilloscopes, signal generators and various types of measuring instruments used to conduct experiments on electrical and electronic circuits.

Science laboratories

We have highly equipped three general Science Laboratories; Physics, chemistry and Biology laboratory equipped with latest apparatus. These laboratories are designed to cover the courses designed by Aga Khan University Education Board. Students perform experiments to fill the gap between Theoretical and Practical Knowledge

Campus Facilitieas

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