Community College Jacobabad - Message

Irfan Ali

Principal - Community College Jacobabad


Principal Message

I am leading IBA Community College Jacobabad as a leading light, Principal. The founding father Mr. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui, such a revolutionary personality, has put the college on very strong foundations. Therefore, I am confident enough to lead this college with the strong coordination of my Sectional Heads, dedicated team of teachers and admin staff. We are also striving hard to impart and inculcate the sense of responsibility and patriotism in our students to make them responsible citizens and patriotic forour beloved country Pakistan. Iam burning mid night oil for the brightest future of my students. I will lead this college as one of the best college of the country by my strong commitment and dedication. My students are the assets of my nation. Resultantly, IBA Community College focuses for the betterment of academics as well as all round development including ethical, moral and Islamic values of the students. Our Prime aim is Merit, Quality and Excellence. Last but not the least, I am expecting with full confidence and surety that being IBAN’S my students will spark their talent in everynook and corner of the world which will cause them to bring good name and fame towards IBA-SUKKUR, their parents , college and country.